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 28.05.2015   .Mick Dryden 
An overcast drizzly start soon improved today witha fresh westerly wind.

Passing Grosnez early this morning were 25 Manx Shearwaters, 39 Gannets, a Guillemot, 2 Little Egrets and a northward trickle of Swallows and House Martins. At Les Landes were 3 male Stonechats, a male Wheatear and the usual Buzzard.

At St Ouen's Pond were 2 male Shovelers, a male Pochard, 8 Tufted Duck, 6 Lapwings and 10+ Swifts

Picture: it swallowed it whole!

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 27.05.2015   .Mick Dryden 

Another fine day.

At Fountain Lane were 3 singing Reed Warblers and a pair of Cetti's Warbler.

Seen in St Helier today, during a survey of breeding gulls there were 3 White Wagtails and the pair of Peregrines from St Thomas' Church.

Les Ecrehous: a Wheatear was present on the 22nd while, on the 24th 12+ Common Terns, 3 Sandwich Terns, a Ringed Plover and 2 Crows were seen, with human disturbance again an issue within the breeding areas.

Picture: This Great Black-backed Gull looked to have bitten off more than it could chew at Les Landes, with the close attention of 2 Crows if it let go of the unfortunate rabbit.........

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 26.05.2015   .Mick Dryden 

It was a generally fine day with a light northerly wind.

At Crabbe this morning was a family of 7 Ravens, now all fledged. 2 Whitethroats, 3 Blackcaps and a Garden Warbler were in song and there was a gentle trickle of Swallows, House Martins and Swifts north.

Stonechats were feeding young at Les Landes, where 4 males and 2 females were seen as well as 3 Wheatears and 4 Buzzards in flight together. 2 Sand Martins flew north with Swallows there.

In Grouville Bay were 3 Curlews, a Grey Plover and 74 Oystercatchers. On Sunday, a male Hen Harrier was seen flying steadily north through the Bay towards Gouray Church.

Picture: One of today's male Stonechats at Les Landes.

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 25.05.2015   .Mick Dryden 

A fair day with a westerly wind.

The 2 Shelduck were at Petit Port again today, but not showing any signs of breeding. Yesterday's Whimbrel was still there with 2 Curlews, 80 Oystercatchers and 5 Little Egrets.

There was a steady movement of Swallows, House Martins and Swifts through St Ouen's Bay this morning. The Sedge Warbler was still singing by the North Canal and a Shoveler and 6 Tufted Duck were at Kempt Tower.

A late Wheatear was near Grosnez, but little was moving offshore, just a Kittiwake and Gannets of note.

The other 2 Shelduck were still in Grouville Bay, also 3 Great Crested Grebes, 2 arriving Grey Herons and 20 Gannets.

Les Ecrehous: A visit today found 60 Common Terns, 4 Sandwich Terns, some Cormorants still on nests, at least 24 Shags nests, 50+ Great Black-backed Gull pairs, 2 Lesser Black-backed Gull pairs, only 40 Herring Gull pairs, 95 Turnstones, 4 Rock Pipits and a Swift overhead.

Some extra records for Saturday (23rd), at St Ouen's Pond include 30 Reed Warblers, 2 Sedge Warblers, 2 pairs of Water Rails, a Greenland Wheatear, a Yellow Wagtail, a Common Sandpiper, 50 House Martins, 75+ Swallows, 40 Swifts, 2 Shovelers and a Grey Heron. 2 Curlews and 25 Oystercatchers were in Grouville Bay.

Picture: The drake Shelduck at Petit Port today.

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 24.05.2015   .Mick Dryden 

Fog gave way to fine conditions this morning, before it clouded over this afternoon. Winds were light from the west.

Odds and ends to report so far.

At Petit Port, the pair of Shelduck were together, also a Whimbrel, 2 Curlews, 82 Oystercatchers and 3 Little Egrets were there.

A Sedge Warbler was in song at the North Canal, St Ouen's Pond and a Greenshank flew over calling, in the fog. A Little Grebe was singing at Kempt Tower where 8 Tufted Duck were present. A male Pochard was on St Ouen's Pond where 4 Shovelers were seen in flight.

A trickle of hirundines going north from Plemont included 33 Swallows and 4 House Martins, with 14 Swifts there, presumably the local breeding birds. A Whitethroat was in song at Plemont and 2 Buzzards plus a Marsh Harrier flew over. The newly installed pond at Plemont is already proving it's worth with Swallows, House Martins, Lesser Black-backed Gulls and Herring Gulls all making use of it this morning.

Another 2 Shelduck were still present in Grouville Bay, where 6 Sandwich Terns were offshore.

Of interest too was a Lesser Whitethroat, singing near La Coupe this morning

Picture: The Sedge Warbler in the gloom at the North Canal today.

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 23.05.2015   .Mick Dryden 

An improving day which finished warm and sunny.

At La Rocque this morning, an immature Black Redstart was singing from the garden of the house on the breakwater. Offshore were 2 Great Northern Divers, 6 Great Crested Grebes, a Balearic Shearwater, 4 Common Terns, 18 Sandwich Terns, 16 Gannets, a Fulmar, and 2 Shelduck. Waders roosting around La Rocque included 110 Oystercatchers, 10 Curlews, 2 Grey Plovers, 2 Bar-tailed Godwits, 3 Sanderlings, a Dunlin and a Turnstone, also 3 Grey Herons and 12 Little Egrets. 2 Peregrines were offshore and 2 Wheatears on the breakwater. 170 Swallows flew in from the south along with 2 House Martins and 4 Swifts. Another 2 Greenland Wheatears were at Fauvic late morning.

A Whitethroat and a Dartford Warbler were at Sorel Point

A pair of Buzzard was at Bellozane Valley and another single at Les Creux.

Picture: The Black Redstart at La Rocque this morning.

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 22.05.2015   .Mick Dryden 

Early cloud reduced to a day of hill fog and poor visibility today.

The late movement of hirundines continued early on, with 233 Swallows, 88 House Martins and a Sand Martin passing Grosnez northbound. A Sparrowhawk and a Little Egret also headed off but little else was passing. A Peregrine, a Buzzard, a Sparrowhawk and 2 Kestrels were at Les Landes, as well as 3 Wheatears and 3 pairs of Stonechat plus a single male.

11 Swifts were flying over Plemont.

5 Great Crested Grebes were in Grouville Bay and there was a belated report of a Grey Seal pup at Icho Tower in early May.

Evening update: At the north end of St Ouen's Pond were 4 Greenland Wheatears, 50 House Martins, 20 Swifts, and at the little pond below Val de la Mar were both Cetti's Warbler and Reed Warbler in song.
In the east, a Grey Heron, 130 House Martins, 20 Swallows and a Sand Martin were at Grands Vaux reservoir and 30 House Martins plus 25 Swallows were at Grouville Marsh.

Yesterday evening in the St Ouen's Bay Sandpits were 50 Swifts, 100 Swallows, 100 Sand Martins, 50 House Martins, 15 Tufted Duck, 4 Pochard, 2 singing Reed Warblers, a singing Cetti's Warbler, 2 White Wagtails, a Sparrowhawk and a Peregrine which took a Swallow.

Picture: Super image of a male Bullfinch, courtesy of Romano da Costa.

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 21.05.2015   .Mick Dryden 

A fair day with a cool westerly wind

Birds seen at La Rocque and Seymour, over this morning's high tide included yet another Great Northern Diver, 5 Great Crested Grebes, a Razorbill, 36 Gannets, 20 Sandwich Terns, a Kittiwake, 2 Bar-tailed Godwits, 8 Curlews, a Whimbrel, 85 Oystercatchers and 9 Little Egrets. Flying in from the south were a Hobby, 318 Swallows, 69 House Martins, 2 Woodpigeons, 2 Yellow Wagtails and a Linnet.

A check of the Cirl Bunting sites found five birds, 2 pairs and a single male.

Picture: One of today's male Cirl Buntings.

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 20.05.2015   .Mick Dryden 

A bright and breezy day with a brisk north-west wind.

Early sea watching at Grosnez produced a Cory's Shearwater heading casually east - maybe the same large shearwater seen off the south coast yesterday? Also passing there, were 8 Manx Shearwaters, 41 Gannets, 25 Fulmars, 12 Guillemots, 3 Razorbills and 2 Kittiwakes, with Swallows heading off north as the morning drew on. 3 Wheatears were at Les Landes with 2 Buzzards, 2 Kestrels and 2 Peregrines also seen

A decent movement of Swifts started after nine o'clock, with hundreds moving north through St Ouen's Bay, along with Swallows and some House Martins. The 2 Black-tailed Godwits were still at the Scrape there, also 2 Wheatears.

At Kempt Tower were 8 Tufted Ducks and a Little Grebe and in the Sandpits, 4 Pochard including a female, 100 Swifts, 120 Sand Martins, with 107 nest holes excavated so far, 60 House Martins, 50 Swallows and 2 Marsh Harriers.

This evening, a Marsh Harrier was hunting near Haie Fleurie.

Picture: One of the many Swifts moving through St Ouen's Bay today.

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 19.05.2015   .Mick Dryden 

A day of strong westerly winds and heavy showers.

Today's offerings at La Coupe and Seymour included the first Balearic Shearwater of the summer, no less than 10 Great Northern Divers flying by, 160 Gannets, 5 Great Crested Grebes, a drake Red-breasted Merganser, a Sandwich Tern, a Kittiwake, 11 Ringed Plovers, 5 Sanderlings, 5 Dunlin, 4 Turnstones, 2 Bar-tailed Godwits and 41 Oystercatchers. The. potentially, most interesting sighting of the day was a distant large shearwater / petrel which evaded identification due to distance and being into light, as it moved west with dynamic soaring on un-flapping wings. Swallows were moving again, but in smaller numbers than yesterday, with 170 past La Rocque, also 9 House Martins and 2 Swifts. A White Wagtail was in the wet field at Fauvic ( locally known as Transvaal it appears).

The 2 Black-tailed Godwits were on the Scrape at St Ouen's Pond again, with 4 Shovelers, a Pochard, 3 Wheatears and 20 Swifts also seen. The Skylark was singing again on the Blanches Banques and a White Wagtail has been visiting Les Ormes Valley this week.

Picture: Fulmar at Plemont earlier this week.

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