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 17.07.2019   .Mick Dryden 
A warm morning and a fresher afternoon as the wind went into the West.

At La Rocque this morning an influx of terns included 60 Sandwich Terns with some juveniles and 2 Common Terns. 4 Common Sandpipers , a Whimbrel, 120 Oystercatchers and 43 Little Egrets were also on the rocks there with 14 Mediterranean Gulls and 40 Gannets also seen. A few migrants overhead included 4 Sand Martins, 43 Swallows and a White Wagtail. A Great Crested Grebe and 47 Black-headed Gulls were in Grouville Bay.

Roosting at Pontac and on Icho Tower were 109 Curlews, 4 Redshanks and 6 Little Egrets.

In the Sandpits in St Ouen's Bay were 4 Green Sandpipers and 2 Little Ringed Plovers and at Petit Port the family of 4 Shelduck.

2 Crossbills flew over Mont les Vaux at St Aubin and another 4 Sand Martins were the only discernable migrants at Noirmont.

Going back to yesterday and an expedition to Les Ecrehous were successful in ringing 13 Common Tern chicks while avoiding the most sensitive areas, 7 young Shags, 5 juvenile Great Black-backed Gulls and one Herring Gull juvenile as well as 3 out of family of 4 young Little Egrets. In total around 150 Common Terns, 15 of them fledglings, were present, indicating a good breeding season with a lot more yet to fledge. Also around were 4 Sandwich Terns, 3 Turnstones and 2 Crows but no passerines apart from the resident Rock Pipits. Although it has died back a fair amount, the mallow on Maitre Ile should provide good cover for migrants when they start appearing towards the end of the month.

Picture: This Polish colour-flagged Curlew was pictured at Petit Port in June 2018 and wintered with us last year. It was seen again, standing on the same rock at Petit Port, yesterday. Looks like it may be back for another winter!

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 16.07.2019   .Mick Dryden 

A fine and warm day in a light Easterly wind.

On the early morning high tide, the pair of Shelduck were at Petit Port, again with their two juveniles. 43 Curlews including a yellow flagged individual which winters with us and 21 Black-headed Gulls were also there.

A gentle morning at Noirmont saw 9 Sand Martins, 11 Swifts, 30 Swallows feeding, 3 Stonechats including 2 juveniles, 4 Whitethroats, several Dartford Warblers and 2 White Wagtails. Offshore were 45 Gannets and 2 Mediterranean Gulls. Several raptors were in the air, seen from Noirmont which included 2 Marsh Harriers, 3 Buzzards ( one the white tailed individual ) and a Sparrowhawk.

Update from Les Ecrehous: At least 25 Common Tern chicks are on Marmotier, 5 of them fledged and another 10 near to fledging, also some very young chicks. 2 or 3 Oystercatcher chicks were also seen there and a Black Redstart and a chiff/willow.

Back to the 14th when a Little Ringed Plover and a Common Sandpiper were seen at the Sandpits.

Picture: Common Terns at Les Ecrehous, with thanks to Nick for the image.

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 15.07.2019   .Mick Dryden 

A cloudy start to a fine day with an Easterly wind.

La Coupe provided a few interesting sightings this morning. An adult Honey Buzzard headed off East from La Coupe, presumably having over-nighted in the woods there. At sea, 20 Common Scoters, a Balearic Shearwater, 6 Little Egrets going East, 3 Mediterranean Gulls, and 5 Black-headed Gulls were of note with 26 Swifts and 19 Swallows passing overhead, also a juvenile Peregrine. Another Mediterranean Gull and 13 Black-headed Gulls were at Anneport.

On the early morning high tide at La Rocque, 6 Sandwich Terns, 5 Mediterranean Gulls, 17 Gannets and 2 Dunlin were seen, with 58 Curlews, 58 Oystercatchers and 37 Little Egrets roosting at Pontac. A Grey Seal was at Seymour.

On the Ecrehous, little was happening with a Sandwich Tern, some fledgling Common Terns and a few Common Tern chicks seen along with their adults.

In the Sandpits were 6 Little Grebes and 2 White Wagtails.

Some extras for yesterday included 3 pairs of Cirl Buntings and a juvenile seen in Grouville and 35 Curlews plus 50 Oystercatchers roosting at Petit Port.

Picture: One for the record: this morning's Honey Buzzard heading off East, presumably carried to the Island by yesterday's strong winds.

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 14.07.2019   .Mick Dryden 

A fair day with an Easterly breeze.

This morning's counts at Grosnez included a single Crossbill, 20 Manx Shearwaters, 59 Fulmars, 2 Guillemots, 62 Gannets, 26 Mediterranean Gulls, 13 Black-headed Gulls, a Whimbrel and 47 Swifts moving East.

25 Swifts were seen at Plemont, also 6 Puffins still present and a Raven while, at L'Etacq, were 12 Black-headed Gulls and a Mediterranean Gull.

Crabbe featured with an adult and juvenile Stonechat and a Whitethroat.

Picture: Mediterranean Gulls, formerly a very scarce to rare migrant here, are now a common sight, especially at this time of year as their Southward migration begins. This bird was at Petit Port.

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 13.07.2019   .Mick Dryden 

Back to fine conditions today with an increasing Northerly wind.

Seawatching from Grosnez this morning was productive early on, but soon fizzled out. Seen there were 50 Manx Shearwaters, 6 Balearic Shearwaters, 82 Gannets, 6 Mediterranean Gulls, 2 Black-headed Gulls, 31 Fulmars, a Whimbrel and a Curlew. A male Peregrine headed off North and 31 Swifts flew East. 3 Ravens and a male Marsh Harrier were local birds in the area. Also, an Ocean Sunfish drifted by.

The Scrape is nearly dry now, with just a White Wagtail using it and a few Swifts, Swallows and Sand Martins overhead and a juvenile Peregrine was seen near Corbiere.

At least 40 Mediterranean Gulls were on Grouville Beach. 23 Mediterranean Gulls at La Rocque included our regular Hungarian-ringed bird back.

Picture: This Golden-ringed Dragonfly has been hawking in front of the Scrape hide in recent days

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 12.07.2019   .Mick Dryden 

At last, a little light drizzle with hill fog this morning, although probably not enough to break the drought which has just been declared. Winds veered to the Northwest as a cold front passed, clearing the weather away.

Early on, a raft of at least 1000 shearwaters was seen to the South St Martin Point in Guernsey by the returning newspaper boat - unfortunately, not in Jersey waters!

At a very murky St Ouen's Pond and Scrape were 150+ hirundines, mainly Sand Martins, 40 Starlings, 3 Grey Herons, 4 White Wagtails, and the 2 juvenile Marsh Harriers with their parents, at the Scrape

Visibility at sea level was a little better and seen from L'Etacq were 17 Gannets, a Mediterranean Gull, 5 Black-headed Gulls, 4 Curlews, 9 Swallows and a Stonechat. 7 Puffins were at Plemont

Nothing was moving over Noirmont and on the ground, just one juvenile Stonechat, a Whitethroat and 3+ Dartford Warblers were seen. Another Whitethroat was at Kempt Tower. 6 Swifts were feeding at the Albert Pier in St Helier this morning too.

Picture: One of the young Stonechats, currently at Noirmont, pictured two days ago at the bunker.

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 11.07.2019   .Mick Dryden 

And the fine weather continues, today with the wind in the West.

A slow news day so far.

In St Ouen's Bay Sandpits were 5 Little Grebes, 44 Tufted Duck, 5 Pochard, a Common Sandpiper, 168 Coot, 2 White Wagtails and 30+ Sand Martins.

Even less water was evident at St Ouen's Pond Scrape with just 2 Lapwings, a Grey Heron and 2 White Wagtails making use of it. A Skylark was still in song there and 2 juvenile Marsh Harriers were very noisy there too.

A check of Noirmont confirmed that very little was happening with 2 Sand Martins, 16 Swallows, a Whitethroat, 3 Dartford Warblers, 2 Great Spotted Woodpeckers also seen.

Picture: Cetti's Warbler at St Ouen's Pond yesterday.

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 10.07.2019   .Mick Dryden 

The fine weather continues, but it means that water levels are dropping rapidly at St Ouen's Pond and especially at the Scrape, which could be dry by next week. Little was at the Scrape this morning with just 2 Lapwings, a Curlew, 2 Grey Herons and a White Wagtail seen there. A Skylark was singing in the fields at the Scrape and 25+ Swifts were feeding over the Pond with c60 Sand Martins.

On the Sandpits were at least 3 Little Grebes, 2 of them juveniles, 7 Pochard, 39 Tufted Duck, a Common Sandpiper, 90 Starlings, 7 Oystercatchers, 164 Coot and 2 White Wagtails.

A family of Stonechats, comprising 3 juveniles with their parents, was at La Pulente

Noirmont offered the first hint of autumn migration today with 5 Sand Martins and 4 Swallows passing, also a Whinchat was on the ground plus the breeding Stonechats and at least one juvenile.

A Crossbill flew over Mont les Vaux and a Greenshank was at Le Hurel in Grouville Bay.

A Kingfisher was seen at close quarters in the Zoo this eevening

At least 16 Puffins were on the North-West coast this afternoon, this probably including the flock of 6 non-breeding birds seen a few times recently.

Things are fairly settled at Les Ecrehous at the moment with at least 16 Common Tern chicks on Marmotier and several new nests noted or suspected.

Picture: By the wonders of t'internet, it is now confirmed that this Mediterranean Gull which was at Petit Port on the 6th July and seen here admiring it's jewellery, was ringed at Antwerp in Belgium on 11th May this year. This was it's first sighting since it was ringed.

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 09.07.2019   .Mick Dryden 

Yet another fine and warm day with an Easterlly wind.

The stand out report of the day was of 2 Gull-billed Terns which flew South over St Ouen's Bay Sandpits around 09:15, the first record of the species in Jersey, if accepted.

At the Scrape earlier on were 2 Little Ringed Plovers, a Green Sandpiper, the first returning Kingfisher of the season, a juvenile White Wagtail, a Whitethroat and 3 Grey Herons.

On St Ouen's Pond were 7 Grey Herons, 6 Tufted Duck and 3 Pochard with a trickle of Swifts passing overhead.

2 Balearic Shearwaters passed Noirmont early on, but little else apart from Gannets.

At Queen's Valley were a juvenile Grey Heron, 6 Swifts and 2 Swallows.

Back to yesterday and a comprehensive list from the Sandpits in the evening reported 120 Sand Martins including good numbers of juveniles, 6 White Wagtails including 4 juveniles, 3 Pochard, 36 Tufted Duck 3 Little Grebes, a Lapwing, a Green Sandpiper, a Redshank, 2 Mediterranean Gulls, 18 Black-headed Gulls, a singing Skylark, a male Stonechat, 132 Coot, an Oystercatcher with a juvenile, 4 Little Egrets, 2 Marsh Harriers and 60 Linnets.

Picture: A male Marsh Harrier in the Sandpits yesterday.

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 08.07.2019   .Mick Dryden 

The fine weather continues and warm at 25c in an Easterly wind.

The waders keep coming and going at St Ouen's Pond and today on the Scrape were 4 Little Ringed Plovers and a Green Sandpiper, with a flock of 6 Black-tailed Godwits flying over low down, but not landing. Also on the Scrape were 2 Grey Herons and 2 White Wagtails. Around the Pond were 4 Grey Herons, 2 Little Egrets, 6 drake Pochard, 5 Tufted Duck and a White Wagtail.

The auks are drifting off from their North coast breeding sites now with just a single Razorbill seen near Plemont and another two in the sea at Grosnez. 2 Puffins were seen at Grosnez too with another 5 at their usual breeding sites. 22 Swifts were between Grand Becquet and Plemont.

Other birds seen passing Grosnez included 7 Sandwich Terns, 5 Mediterranean Gulls, 7 Black-headed Gulls, a Manx Shearwater and 40 Gannets. a Mediterranean Gull was with 70 Black-headed Gulls in St Aubin's Bay.

Evening update from Les Ecrehous: Waders there today included 40 Curlews and 2 Grey Plovers. 2 unidentified duck sp were disturbed and flew off ( possibly juvenile Shelduck ). The Common Terns are doing ok on the main island, with 3 chicks close to fledging having left the nest and at lease 12 chicks seen including 3 newly hatched birds. Around 50 adult Common Terns take to the air when disturbed. Monitoring continues.

Back to yesterday and seen at Les Landes was a female Hen Harrier, as well as 3 pairs of Stonechats feeding young, Dartford Warblers doing likewise and a pair of Whitethroats. 136 Black-headed Gulls were counted in St Aubin's bay. Also yesterday, 8 Puffins were seen from Plemont including birds carrying food.

Picture: A juvenile Sand Martin at St Ouen's Pond.

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