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 27.03.2017   .Mick Dryden 

A nice Spring day with a light Easterly wind and another nice selection of birds seen

St Ouen's Pond is featuring strongly at the moment and today's goodies included a flock of 8 Avocets, a Little Ringed Plover on the Scrape, 2 new Spoonbills, one of them colour-ringed but not completely read, the pair of Garganey, the drake Pintail, 14 Teal 5 Snipe, 9 + Marsh Harriers and the usual array of other ducks, especially Shovelers, 5 Sand Martins, 2 Wheatears and a Skylark.

A Kingfisher was at Le Pulec and 4 Razorbills, a Guillemot, a Sparrowhawk, a Peregrine, 2 Kestrels a Marsh Harrier and a Buzzard at Plemont with a light trickle of Meadow Pipits, Linnets and a single Swallow heading off there. A Wheatear was at Noirmont and 2 Sand Martins flew through.

At Petit Port were the 2 Shelducks, a Whimbrel, 7 Curlews, 31 Turnstones and 12 Brent Geese.

In the East, 8 Cattle Egrets were with cows near Le Catillon in Grouville and 5 Greenshanks plus a Buzzard were at Queen's Valley. At Grouville Marsh was a Water Pipit in stunning summer plumage, also a Grey Heron.

Back to yesterday and a Bar-tailed Godwit was picked up in Hill Street in St Helier and taken into care. Seemingly well apart from a slight limp,it was released in Grouville Bay and flew off all right despite being chased by a dog.

Picture: Trevor was the lucky recipient of the Avocets and Spoonbills at the Pond and didn't waste the opportunity.

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 26.03.2017   .Mick Dryden 

It was another day of clear but hazy skies, still cool with the wind in the East and fresh.

A little early passage past La Rocque into the wind included a flock of 16 Pintails, 4 Teal, a Mediterranean Gull, 2 Black-headed Gulls, 110 Sandwich Terns, 31 Gannets, 4 Swallows, 5 Sand Martins, 5 alba Wagtails and 68 Meadow Pipits. Scattered around the South-East corner were 95 Sanderlings, 6 Grey Plovers, 11 Curlews, 200 Oystercatchers and 6 Red-breasted Mergansers, with 2 Shelduck still at Pontac.

An early Hobby was seen on two occasions near Rozel, once pursuing a butterfly without success.

Little had changed at St Ouen's Pond today with 2 Garganey, 70+ Shovelers, 15 Tufted Duck, 8 Pochard, 18 Teal, 2 Little Grebes and a Ruff seen. New was a Mandarin on the old fishing jetty and the colour-ringed Spoonbill was again there, although it was seen to tower up late morning and may have departed.

A Wheatear was on Beauport Common and 3 Buzzards plus a Sparrowhawk were in flight over St Brelade's bay.

More reports from yesterday when, at Grouville Marsh were 3 Grey Herons, 15 Snipe, a drake Wigeon, and a Water Pipit. A male Merlin seen near Devil's Hole is likely to have been the same bird also seen at Grosnez.

Picture: The drake Pintail arriving at the Scrape yesterday, but not reported today.

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 25.03.2017   .Mick Dryden 

A fine but hazy day with a biting north-east wind.

Little had changed at St Ouen's Pond with most of the migrants still lingering, although Shoveler numbers had risen to 76. The colour-ringed Spoonbill was on the Pond and the pair of Garganey, drake Pintail and Ruff were at the Scrape. Others at the Pond included 18 Tufted Duck, 9 Pochard, 3 Little Grebes, endless Marsh Harriers and Buzzards, a Swallow, 20+ Sand Martins, a Grey Heron and at the Scrape, 19 Teal, 3 Snipe and 4 Lapwings.

A pair of Shelduck was at Petit Port and a pair of Stonechat at Noirmont. Another pair of Shelduck was at Pontac this afternoon.
Little was moving past Grosnez in the blustery conditions, the best being 3 Guillemots, 4 Razorbills, 115 Fulmars, 17 Gannets, a male Merlin, 2 Peregrines, 78 Meadow Pipits and 11 Linnets. 4 Guillemots were also seen off Plemont, but there was no sign of the Black Guillemot there.

a Swallow passed Rozel Manor as did northbound Meadow Pipits and 2 Grey Wagtails plus Firecrests were also seen . 4 Greenshanks were at Queen's Valley. A dead Buzzard was picked up and is being checked by the Zoo for cause of death.

66 dark-bellied Brent Geese were at Goose Green and 28 pale-bellied Brent Geese were braving the choppy conditions at St Aubin over high water. 12 Redshanks were in their usual roost spot at St Aubin too.

Picture: The pair of Garganey, passing the Wetland Centre yesterday.

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 24.03.2017   Afternoon updateTony Paintin 

Cloudy with sunny periods and a light north-easterly, but the wind increasing this afternoon.

There was a very decent spread of birds around the Island for early Spring.

Bird of the day was a Black Guillemot in full summer plumage, sitting in the sea just offshore at Creux Gabourel, in company with four Razorbills. If accepted by the notorious Jersey Birds Rarities Committee this will be the ninth Jersey record for this species.

Also seen along the north coast this morning were three more Razorbills and two Puffins at Grand Becquet, a single Chough at Plemont Point and a Sandwich Tern.

At St Ouen's Pond, the pair of Garganey were seen displaying again, and the Ruff was still on the Scrape. A Short-eared Owl was seen early morning, two Black-headed Gulls were on the Pond, also at least 18 Sand Martins and 2 Swallows passed through. On the common to the north were three Skylarks, a female Stonechat and one Wheatear with another near the Scrape. A Spoonbill flew in around 4 pm, heavily decorated with colour-rings, possibly German ringed ( see picture) and looked intent on staying overnight. Other birds on the Pond included 2 Little Grebes, 37 Shovelers, the drake Pintail, 6 Tufted Duck, 4 Pochard, 19 Teal, a Brent Goose and 11 Snipe. 5 Lapwings were also at the Scrape.

At Queen's Valley, one Teal, a Common Buzzard and a tristis Chiffchaff and a Cirl Bunting was singing on Grouville Common..

At Grouville Marsh were 7 Cattle Egrets, 2 Teal, 2 Water Pipits, a Swallow and a Grey Heron and at La Sente were 3 White Wagtails, 6 Pied Wagtails and 57 Little Egrets.,

Seen at La Rocque were 4 Greenshanks, 22 Curlews, 4 Grey Plovers, 424 Brent Geese, 4 Red-breasted Mergansers and a Peregrine.

At Grands Vaux were 4 Tufted Duck and a Grey Heron.

NB: All reports to me ( Mick) from now please, but with cc to Tony and Glyn and many thanks to both for keeping the News updated on here over the last three months.

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 23.03.2017   .Tony Paintin 

A chilly day with a north-easterly wind and showers.

Little to report in the west today, the pair of Garganey and the Ruff are still on the Scrape. A single Sand Martin was over St Ouen's Pond.

A pair of Red-breasted Mergansers were in the sea at L'Etacq.

At Goose Green, 82 Brent Geese and a White Wagtail.

In the South-east at La Rocque, six Sanderlings, nine Curlews, three Greenshanks, 230 Brent Geese and nine Red-breasted Mergansers. In Grouville Bay, a Black-necked Grebe, one Great Crested Grebe and six Redshanks.

At Grouville Marsh, a Grey Heron and two Shovelers. At La Sente, 32 Little Egrets, 15 Cattle Egrets, 120 Meadow Pipits and 75 Linnets. In the conservation fields at La Rocque, cut today, were 350 Meadow Pipits, 31 Pied Wagtails and seven White Wagtails.

Picture: a Red-billed Chough at Sorel. Two were seen at Plemont Point today, this pair are regularly reported at Les Landes so please send any sightings to Glyn Young or Liz Corrie at Durrell.

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 22.03.2017   AvocetTony Paintin 

Mainly sunny with light south-west winds becoming easterly this afternoon.

Bird of the day was an Avocet, seen this morning about 100mts offshore at La Pulente, it was still there at lunchtime.

The pair of Garganey were still at the Scrape with 16 Teal and the Ruff. 43 Shovelers and a Water Rail were at St Ouen's Pond and single Sand Martin was seen late afternoon. Two Wheatears were on the common to the north of the Pond and also a singing Skylark.

Two Skylarks were singing on Les Blanches Banques this morning.

A Swallow only the second of the spring so far was seen over Chemin de Moulin, St Ouen's Bay this afternoon.

Two Choughs were at Les Landes and two Shelducks offshore in Grouville Bay.

Picture: no not taken in Jersey, but another one from West Coast NP, South Africa, taken in February.

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 21.03.2017   .Tony Paintin 

Mainly sunny, with a moderate south-west wind, still feeling cold though.

Starting in the south-east in Grouville Bay, four Shelducks at Le Hurel Slip this afternoon, 11 Great-crested Grebes, 12 Common Scoters, one Sandwich Tern, nil Black-headed Gulls, one Bar-tailed Godwit and the long staying Black Redstart still behind the sea wall at Fauvic. 40 Little Egrets were at Happy Hens and two White Wagtails at Transvaal, on the inner road, St Clement. 12 Red-breasted Mergansers were seen from La Rocque.

The drake Pintail and the Ruff were still at the Scrape this afternoon and a Sparrowhawk at the Pond. In Le Braye Sandpit, 24 Tufted Ducks and a Stonechat.

Three Stonechats were at Noirmont this morning and up at Les Landes, 11 Wheatears and eight Stonechats.

Yesterday, four Sand Martins were over St Ouen's Pond.

Picture: just three Greenshanks were roosting at Queen's Valley this morning, this one though was taken by Mick at the West Coast National Park, South Africa, back in February.

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 20.03.2017   .Tony Paintin 

Cloudy with rain by mid-afternoon and a fresh south-west wind, feeling cold at only +11c.

At St Ouen's Pond/Scrape today, 55 Brent Geese, 15 Teal, a pair of Garganey, a drake Pintail, 26 Shovelers, a Ruff, four Lapwings, 25 Snipe and two Curlews.

At Goose Green, 116 dark-bellied and six pale-bellied Brent Geese, near St Aubins Harbour another 58 pale Brent, a pair of Red-breasted Mergansers, 21 Redshanks and 10 Turnstones and on St Aubin's Fort 24 Curlew.

At Petit Port were 43 Brent Geese, two Shelducks, 50 Oystercatchers, nine Curlews and two Little Egrets.

Up at Sorel a pair of Peregrines and a singe Wheatear.

Cattle Egret update: six at Transvaal, on the inner road at Fauvic and a single near Grouville Marsh.

Yesterday, there were two Shelducks, three Wheatears and 12 Sand Martins seen at the Pond.

Picture: the Ruff on the Scrape today, thanks to Alan for the picture.

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 19.03.2017   .Tony Paintin 

Mainly cloudy with moderate westerlies.

Seen from Eddie's hide at the Scrape today, the drake Pintail, a pair of Garganey, one Shelduck, 14 Teal, 40 Shovelers, four Lapwings, a Ruff (late afternoon), 15 Marsh Harriers, a Merlin and 10 Sand Martins.

At Queen's Valley Reservoir, three Cormorants, a pair of Bullfinch and five Chiffchaffs.

At Grouville Marsh, 10 Snipe and a Water Pipit. At Grands Vaux Reservoir, just five Tufted Ducks, a Raven and two Sand Martins.

!30 Brent Geese were at Beaumont Marsh (Goose Green) and a single Wheatear on Beauport Common.

Picture: another shot of the Garganey at Beaumont Marsh, not seen today, taken by Romano.

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 18.03.2017   .Tony Paintin 

A miserable day, misty, overcast with outbreaks of drizzle and a fresh to strong westerly.

On the Scrape at St Ouen's Pond this morning, the drake Pintail was still present, along with a pair of Garganey and 18 Teal. At the Wetland Centre 36 Snipe and a Water Pipit. A Kingfisher was seen near Kempt Tower.

The drake Garganey was still at Beaumont Marsh at lunchtime.

In Grouville Bay, 460 Brent Geese, six Red-breasted Mergansers, two Great Crested Grebes, one Mediterranean Gull, two Common Gulls and eight Wheatears. At Grouville Marsh, seven Grey Herons, a good number for this time of year.

Three Sand Martins were feeding in the shelter of Grands Vaux Reservoir.

Extra records from yesterday, a single Lapwing at La Sente, 11 Little Egrets at Happy Hens and a Black Redstart behind the sea wall at Fauvic. Yesterday evening evening at St Ouen's Pond, a Garganey, 25 Snipe, a Jack Snipe and a Woodcock.

Picture: the Pintail on the Scrape today, taken by Alan Gicquel.

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