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 05.03.2015   .Mick Dryden 

It was a pleasant day of light western winds and 10c.

Reports from St Ouen's Pond include 18 Shovelers, 11 Pochard, 26 Tufted Duck, 27 Teal, 40 Brent Geese, 5 Little Grebes, 18 Snipe, 3 Lapwings, 6 Marsh Harriers, including one carrying nesting material and 8 Buzzards flying on the ridge behind St Ouen's Bay. 2 Little Grebes were in the Sandpits and 2 Stonechats at Les Creux.

Up at the conservation fields at Les Landes were a Fieldfare, 350 Chaffinches, 10 Reed Buntings, 6 Jackdaws, a Kestrel, a Sparrowhawk and 2 Buzzards.

Picture: Thanks to Annie Queree for this atmospheric image of an Oystercatcher feeding along the tideline at Plemont.

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 04.03.2015   .Mick Dryden 

Around the St Ouen's Pond area today were 37 Shovelers, 50 Tufted Duck, 2 Pochard, 12 Teal, 2 Little Grebes, 34 Snipe, a Fieldfare, a Water Pipit, 8 Lapwings and a sign of Spring, with a pair of Marsh Harriers mating. 2 Stonechats were on the Blanches Bancs.

At Queen's Valley, 10 Tufted Duck, 6 Cormorants, a Kingfisher, a Grey Wagtail, a Buzzard, a Kestrel, 4 Jays, 6 Greenshanks and 2 Grey Herons were seen.

Goose Green held 300 Brent Geese, a Grey Heron and a Little Egret and at the ringing site in St John were 20 Meadow Pipits and a Woodcock.

The Black Redstart was on the Fauvic seawall again today, with a Blackcap seen in a garden nearby. In Grouville Marsh were 39 Coot, 2 Grey Herons, a Buzzard and 50 Woodpigeons and, this afternoon at La Sente, were a Greenshank and 4 Grey Herons, with 200 Brent Geese and 18 Little Egrets scattered on the Happy Hens side of the road.

Picture: One of today's Jays, nicely pictured by Trevor Biddle, at Queen's Valley.

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 03.03.2015   .Mick Dryden 

Although numbers of Brent Geese have been seen heading east up the English Channel in recent days, our population remains high, as shown in the recent Brent Goose count ( in the Downloads section). This is due in no small part, to the large numbers of juveniles this winter, well over 20% of the total.

In Grouville Bay today, 250 Brent Geese were at La Sente, 65 in Rue du Pont, 170 at La Rocque Harbour and 190 at Seymour.

Other birds scattered around Grouville Bay included, at La Sente, 4 Grey Herons, 10 Little Egrets and 10 Pied Wagtails, at Fauvic on the seawall, 8 Rock Pipits, 2 Pied Wagtails and a Robin and at the Happy Hens, 31 Little Egrets with another 4 at Rue du Pont. In La Rocque Harbour were 70 Oystercatchers, 16 Grey Plovers, 4 Bar-tailed Godwits, 7 Turnstones and 90 Sanderlings

The only report from the west of the Island today was of 3 Curlews in a field at Rue du Sud, L'Etacq.

Picture: Brent Geese with juveniles earlier this winter.

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 02.03.2015   .Mick Dryden 

Around the Grouville Bay sites today, a Black Redstart was at Fauvic, 2 Marsh Harriers, 2 Grey Herons, 4 Curlews and 30 Coot were at Grouville Marsh, 20 Pied Wagtails, 2 Greenshanks, 4 Redshanks, 155 Brent Geese, 7 Grey Herons, 27 Little Egrets and 60 Woodpigeons were at La Sente and 16 Little Egrets were at the Happy Hens.

Back to yesterday when a Redwing, 100 Starlings and 50 Chaffinches were at Trinity Manor and 25 Redwings were at the Farmers cricket field in St Martin. A Cirl Bunting was in song at their usual location and a Grey Wagtail was at Vallee des Vaux. Woodlands Farm held 2 Snipe and, on Saturday night there was a strong movement of Redwings north over the Island.

Picture: Male Marsh Harrier.

The details of the wader count, held on the 22nd February are now in the Download Section.The numbers were disappointing due to a combination of weather and very high Spring tide and a further count will be held in the near future.

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 01.03.2015   .Mick Dryden 

A pleasant morning gave way to a grey afternoon.

A Shelduck was at Pontac and 3 pairs of Red-breasted Mergansers at La Rocque and Seymour.

4 Bullfinches were in the lower car park at Queen's Valley.

At the usual areas in Grouville Bay, 2 Black Redstarts were on the seawall at Fauvic, 2 Greenshanks, 2 Redshanks and 32 Little Egrets were at La Sente and a further 18 Little Egrets were at the Happy Hens.

Picture: One of today's Bullfinches at Queen's Valley, with thanks to Romano for the image.

Last weekend's Brent Goose count figures are now available in the Downloads Section:

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 28.02.2015   .Mick Dryden 

A mild but overcast day today

At La Sente were 5 Greenshanks, 6 Redshanks, 16 Curlews, 4 Grey Herons, 65 Brent Geese and 26 Little Egrets and across the road at the Happy Hens were a further 14 Little Egrets.

Waders at Petit Port included 39 Dunlin, 4 Ringed Plovers, a Grey Plover, 26 Curlews, 108 Oystercatchers and 5 Turnstones, with 33 Brent Geese and a Kingfisher also there.

Signs of Spring in Vallee des Vaux, where a Great Spotted Woodpecker was drumming, also 2 Woodcock and 2 Redwings there.

Back to yesterday, when the male Black Redstart was again on the seawall at Fauvic, 19 Grey Herons were at La Sente and 6 Little Egrets at Rue du Pont, La Rocque. In the Robin Bay area were 7 Red-breasted Mergansers, a Black-necked Grebe, 81 Brent Geese, 2 Grey Herons and a Chiffchaff. 13 Great Crested Grebes, ten in breeding plumage, were at West Park.

Extra records for thursday included, at St Ouen's Pond, 29 Snipe, 41 Shovelers, 16 Teal, 45 Tufted Duck, 4 Pochard, 2 Little Grebes, 149 Brent Geese, 6 Lapwings and a displaying Marsh Harrier. On the Sandpits were 10 Tufted Duck, a Pochard, 7 Little Grebes and 5 Lesser Black-backed Gulls. A further 8 Lesser Black-backed Gulls were in a field by Five Oaks. At Grouville Marsh were 10 Teal, 3 Marsh Harriers, 4 Woodcock, 4 Redwings, 2 Jack Snipe, 50 Reed Buntings, a Grey Wagtail, a Chiffchaff and 10 Water Rails.

Picture: Great Crested Grebe by Paul Marshall.

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 26.02.2015   .Mick Dryden 

Today was overcast in a warm sector, with hopes of better things for tomorrow.

The Spoonbill put in another appearance at La Rocque, where the Black Redstart was still present.

Seen at La sente in Grouville Bay were 5 Greenshanks, 25 Curlews, 23 Little Egrets, 130 Brent Geese and 8 Grey Herons, across at the Happy Hens were 8 Little Egrets and 12 Brent Geese and at Rue du Pont, another 21 Little Egrets.

Picture: The Spoonbill which is currently gracing the south-east corner, with thanks to Alan for the image.

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 25.02.2015   .Mick Dryden 

A damp morning.

2 Cattle Egrets were in a field opposite Holme Grown at Fauvic this morning

At La Sente were 2 Black Brants, 300 dark-bellied Brent Geese, 54 Little Egrets and18 Grey Herons, with a Water Rail seen walking around in the open at Queen's Valley.

Around the St Ouen's Pond Scrape were 200 Brent Geese, a female Wigeon, 8 Lapwings, 250 Starlings, 2 Stonechats and a Chiffchaff.

6 Redwings were at Goose Green, another 9 at the top of Beaumont Hill and 2 in Vallee des Vaux.

Yet another victim of a window collision was a Chiffchaff which was brought to the Animal Shelter but died later.

Picture: One of the Black Brants which are currently gracing Grouville Bay - pictured here at La Sente by Romano da Costa.

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 24.02.2015   .Mick Dryden 

First, a record from yesterday, when a Cattle Egret was in a field by Grouville Church.having managed to locate some cows.

Today, in Grouville Bay, 19 Grey Herons, 16 Little Egrets and 18 Curlews were at La Sente, 320 dark-bellied Brent Geese and16 Little Egrets were at the Happy Hens and 2 Little Egrets plus 47 Brent Geese were in Rue du Pont at La Rocque. 41 Coot were at Grouville Marsh and another 10 Coot plus 6 Tufted Duck were at Queen's Valley.

On the west side of the Island, a Pochard, 14 Tufted Duck, a White Wagtail, 7 Little Grebes, 12 Cormorants and a female Marsh Harrier were in the St Ouen's Bay Sandpits with 27 Pochard, 32 Shovelers, 54 Tufted Duck, 22 Teal, a Little Grebe and 14 Snipe at St Ouen's Pond.

A further 10 Tufted Duck and 11 Redwings were at Grands Vaux.

A couple of extras for yesterday, with 16 Red-billed Choughs seen at Devil's Hole and a less lucky Goldcrest than the Firecrest pictured recently, the Goldcrest perishing after flying in to a window in Vallee des Vaux.

Picture: A Meadow Pipit at Les Landes, courtesy of Paul Marshall.

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 23.02.2015   .Mick Dryden 

Apparently, it was rather unpleasant in Jersey today, given the gale force winds etc.

In the shelter of Goose Green Marsh were 350 dark-bellied Brent Geese, 16 pale-bellied Brent Geese and 10 Redwings.

Yesterday, at St Ouen's Pond were 30 Snipe, 12 Woodcock, a Golden Plover and 15 Lapwings.

Picture: Thanks to Paul Marshall for this image of a male Stonechat, at Les Landes, in the rain.

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