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 19.05.2022   .Mick Dryden 

Overnight rain cleared by dawn, leaving a fair to fine day in a westerly wind.

A visit to the Ecrehous this morning found c 100 Common Terns, 14 Sandwich Terns, a Roseate Tern, 35 Turnstones, a Purple Sandpiper, 9 Sanderlings, c 100 Oystercatchers and a Wheatear present.

A quiet morning at Corbiere saw 2 Balearic Shearwaters, 2 Manx Shearwaters, 9 Guillemots, 3 Fulmars, 30 Gannets, a Wheatear and a single Swallow. At Petit Port were 4 Curlews and 5 Little Egrets plus the usual Oystercatchers.

A Pintail was seen at Queen's Valley and White Wagtails were seen carrying food for young at Parade Park.

In St Ouen's Bay were 6 Greenland Wheatears, and a pair of Stonechat feeding fledge young, with another 3 Wheatears and a Yellow Wagtail were in the Scrape field. In the Sandpits were a Common Sandpiper, 24 Tufted Duck, 100 Sand Martins, 4 Little Grebes and 2 Marsh Harriers. At Grosnez were 4 Swifts and 2 pairs of Choughs.

Picture: Juvenile Ravens at Grosnez this week

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 18.05.2022   .Mick Dryden 

A cloudy day, warm at 23c in a southeast wind and, so far at least, the promised rain missing the Island to the West.

Despite a lack of wind, there was some interesting movement of birds past Corbiere this morning and this included 2 Balearic Shearwaters, 58 Manx Shearwaters, a late Brent Goose, 4 Shelduck, 12 Common Scoters, 10 Guillemots, 6 Fulmars, 75 Gannets, 2 Kittiwakes, 11 Lesser Black-backed Gulls, a migrant female Marsh Harrier arriving from the south and 5 Swallows. A Wheatear was on the ground again there. At Petit Port were 5 Shelduck

On the north side of St Ouen's Pond were 8 Greenland Wheatears and 2 pairs of Stonechats, while in Les Ormes Valley were 2 Whitethroats, 3 Garden Warblers, 9 singing Blackcaps, a Cetti's Warbler, 10+ Chiffchaffs, a Bullfinch and a pair of Buzzards.

At Crabbe, Whitethroats were seen carrying food for young and at St Catherine's were 3 Swifts.

Picture: A Little Egret arriving in front of the Wetland Centre yesterday.

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 17.05.2022   .Mick Dryden 

A morning of high cloud, becoming hot at 26c in a southeast wind, before a showery trough cooled things a little this afternoon.

A slow trickle of birds passing Corbiere in three hours, amounted to 4 Shelduck, 12 Common Scoters, 6 Guillemots, a Razorbill, 14 Fulmars, 62 Gannets, 10 Kittiwakes, 2 Manx Shearwaters, 15 Cormorants, 38 Shag, 16 Lesser Black-backed Gulls, 5 Whimbrels, 3 Curlews, 7 Swifts, 5 Swallows and a House Martin. 2 Wheatears were on the ground there.

On the Scrape were 3 Wheatears, 2 Grey Herons, a drake Shoveler and a pair of Tufted Duck, while on St Ouen's Pond were another 4 Grey Herons, a Little Egret, a drake Shoveler and a pair of Tufted Duck. The Great White Egret was not seen there today. Another Wheatear was by Sands with a White Wagtail and a Peregrine seen at the Airport.

At the Zoo were 2 Grey Wagtails, an alba Wagtail, a Cetti's Warbler and a Reed Warbler.

A gathering of gulls at Anneport included 2 Black-headed Gulls with the usual Herring Gulls this morning, and a male Marsh Harrier was seen again over fields to the west of Le Villot near St Catherine's, also a Swift was seen there.

This morning, on the Ecrehous were the usual Common Terns, 2 Roseate Terns and 4 Sandwich Terns.

A late report for yesterday was of 4 Great Northern Divers in Grouville Bay.

Picture: Two Curlews flying past Corbiere today, the leading bird - Polish flagged yellow X05

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 16.05.2022   .Mick Dryden 

A day of high cloud and occasional showers, in a southerly wind.

At, or passing Grosnez this morning were 7 Guillemots, a Razorbill, a Curlew, 30+ Fulmars, 12 Gannets, 14 Swifts, 15 Swallows, 2 House Martins, 2 Yellow Wagtails, 5 Wheatears and a male Stonechat. A family of 6/7 Ravens were also in the area. Further along the North coast were 13 Razorbills, 4 Red-billed Choughs, 2 Ravens, 8 Swifts and 2 Swallows.

A Great White Egret in breeding plumage was on St Ouen's Pond, along with 2 Grey Herons, a Little Egret, 2 pairs of Tufted Duck and a pair of Lapwing. On the Scrape were 2 male and a female Shoveler, a Gadwall, 2 pairs of Tufted Duck, a Common Sandpiper, a pair of Oystercatcher and 4 Wheatears. To the north of the Pond were 4 Wheatears, a pair of Stonechat and 2 Skylarks.

Seen at Corbiere were a Shelduck, 2 Swifts and a Wheatear, with a female Stonechat seen at La Pulente.

On the Ecrehous today were 5 Ringed Plovers, 2 Dunlin, a Little Tern, the usual Common Terns and 2 possible Roseate Terns.

Picture: This Great White Egret was at St Ouen's Pond in breeding plumage, probably the same bird seen yesterday arriving from the southeast at La Rosiere, but not confirmed at the time.

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 15.05.2022   .Mick Dryden 

A day of heavy showers, nearly all of which missed the Island! Winds were fresh from the East.

Pick of some early passage past Corbiere this morning was an immature Montagu's Harrier from the south which continued into the Island, Passing offshore there, were 42 Manx Shearwaters, 2 Shelduck, 2 Red-throated Divers, 4 Fulmars, 67 Gannets, 3 Black-headed Gulls, 23 Lesser Black-backed Gulls, 10 Swifts and a Swallow. 2 Wheatears were also there and a Yellow Wagtail flew over.

Up at Les Landes, an Osprey was seen. also early on today and in St Ouen, a Marsh Warbler was heard and seen on private property near Millais.

On St Ouen's Pond Scrape were 2 drake Gadwall, one in moult, 3 Shoveler including a female, and an odd looking duck, possibly a Wigeon, also 3 Wheatears in the field. A Grey Heron and 2 pairs of Tufted Duck were on the Pond and at Kempt Tower were 7 Wheatears, a Skylark and a Stonechat.

Another early riser was a Cuckoo heard calling near the Seymour Inn while off Le Hurel were 3 Little Egrets and a Bottle-nosed Dolphin. 4 Swallows were at Fauvic Marsh.

At Grainville Cricket Ground was a White Wagtail carrying food and a Sparrrowhawk was seen on Mont Felard in St Lawrence. 7 House Martins are now back at Beaumont Marsh..

On the Ecrehous were 3 Ringed Plovers, 3 Dunlin, a Grey Plover, 3 Sandwich Terns, a Redstart and a single Swallow. Common Terns were also present.

Picture: A classic record shot of this morning's Montagu's Harrier arriving off the sea to Corbiere.

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 14.05.2022   .Mick Dryden 

A fine day but with the threat of thunderstorms later this evening, winds variable or northeast light.

At Grouville Marsh through this morning were a Cuckoo, 4 Whitethroats, a Willow Warblers, a Garden Warbler, 25 Sedge Warblers, 35 Reed Warblers, 3 singing Cetti's Warblers, 20 House Martins, 20 Swallows, 3 Grey Herons, 2 Sparrowhawks, 4 Buzzards, 2 Marsh Harriers, a family of Long-tailed Tits and also 2 female Pheasants with young. 5 Swifts were seen at St Catherine's and a Sedge Warbler was singing again on Grouville Golf Course.

Passing Corbiere this morning were 3 Manx Shearwaters, 3 Shelduck, 2 Puffins, 4 Guillemots, 13 Lesser Black-backed Gulls and 7 Swallows, with 2 Wheatears arriving off the sea.

Later morning, at Plemont were 8 Swifts, 55 Swallows, 13 House Martins, a Wheatear, a Whitethroat and c30 Linnets. At Ronez Quarry were 3 Swifts, 15 House Martins and 20 Swallows.

A pair of Bullfinch is still visiting a garden feeder in Vallee des Vaux.

On the Ecrehous were 8 Ringed Plovers, 2 Dunlin, a Little Egret, 5 Swallows and a Wheatear.

Extra reports from yesterday were a Skylark singing near St George's School in St Peter, a Grey Plover and a Bar-tailed Godwit at Petit Port and 3 Sandwich Terns on the Ecrehous.

Picture: Reed Warbler at the YOC pool at Kempt Tower

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 13.05.2022   .Mick Dryden 

A fair to fine day in a westerly wind.

Seen offshore at Grosnez this morning were 6 Guillemots, 4 Razorbills, a pair of Shelduck, 3 Kittiwakes, 36 Lesser Black-backed Gulls, 40 Fulmars and 35 Gannets. A light passage of hirundines going north there included 105 Swallows and 8 House Martins, also 27 Swifts, a Yellow Wagtail and on the ground, 2 Wheatears. 6 Ravens, a Chough and a Peregrine were also seen.

5 Wheatears were near to the Jersey Pearl in St Ouen's Bay, while at Kempt Tower were a singing Whitethroat and more Swallows moving through. 3 singing Whitethroats were on the hillside opposite Kempt Tower. Around the Scrape were 3 Grey Herons, a drake Gadwall, 3 Wheatears and a sandpiper sp, possible a Wood Sandpiper, but only briefly glimpsed. 2 Swifts, 2 Choughs and a Wheatear were seen at Corbiere.

At Ile Agois on the north coast were 4 Swifts and another Whitethroat. A Swift and 14 House Martins were seen over Trinity Church.

On the Ecrehous were 2 Dunlin, a Ringed Plover, 2 Crows and a Willow Warbler. Common Terns are very active there now too.

Back to yesterday when 21 Swifts, 112 Oystercatchers, a dark-bellied Brent Goose, a Wren and good numbers of Linnets were at Elizabeth Castle and 2 Curlews were in St Aubin's Bay. Late yesterday evening, 37 Common Terns, a Roseate Tern, a Wheatear and 2 Swallows were present on the Ecrehous. Some late records from the 11th in Grouville Bay, as seen from Seymour, included 23 Turnstones, 16 Ringed Plovers, 11 Sanderlings, 12 Dunlin, a Redshank, a Greenshank, 2 Bar-tailed Godwits, 56 Oystercatchers and 10 Little Egrets.

Picture: One of "our" Swifts which are now back at Plemont.

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 12.05.2022   .Mick Dryden 

A cool-feeling day in a westerly wind.

Seen at the Wetland Centre this morning were 2 Yellow Wagtails, one of which showed features of the Iberian race iberiae, 2 Wheatears, 8 Swifts and 2 House Martins, while to the north of the Pond were another Wheatear, a pair of Stonechat and a singing Willow Warbler. Around the Scrape were 4 Wheatears, 3 Grey Herons, a pair of Gadwall, a drake Shoveler, a pair of Tufted Duck, a Common Sandpiper and at least one small Lapwing chick being closely guarded by it's parents.

An early season Balearic Shearwater passed Corbiere soon after sunrise and also seen there were 4 Shelduck, 3 Fulmars, 25 Gannets, 5 Kittiwakes, 18 Lesser Black-backed Gulls, 2 Choughs and a Wheatear. A pair of Shelduck and a Curlew were at Petit Port.

Another 2 Wheatears were at the Gunsite in St Aubin's Bay and 6 Swifts were seen over Rozel Mill. A further 2 Swifts were over Les Landes this evening

Picture: A distant view of today's possible Iberian Wagtail at St Ouen's Pond

NB: The National Trust Orchid Field in St Ouen's Bay is now open.

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 11.05.2022   .Mick Dryden 

A fair morning followed by a brief spell of rain as a weak from passed through the Island, winds from the southwest and west

It was a day of odds and ends from various locations. At Ouaisne were several Blackcaps, a singing Reed Warbler, 3 Dartford Warblers and a Gannet sitting close inshore! 3 more Dartford Warblers were in song at Portelet, but little else of note. At Pont Marquet were 2 Firecrests in song, 2 Goldcrests and at least 8 Short-toed Treecreepers, also lots of dogs.

A single pale-bellied Brent Goose remained at the Gunsite in St Aubin's Bay, where 7 Swifts were also seen. Another Swift was over at Mont Millais and a singing Cetti's Warbler was at Fountain Lane. A Skylark was in song behind the M&S shop in St Peter.

Single Wheatear were seen at Corbiere, near Le Braye slip and at the Scrape, while at Grosnez were 2 Stonechat and 3 Ravens. In or over the Sandpits were 7 Swifts, 20+ Sand Martins, 15 Coot, a Little Grebe and 2 Marsh Harriers.

Picture: Nicely camouflaged against the tree, these two fledgling Short-toed Treecreepers and their parents, were at Pont Marquet today.

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 10.05.2022   .Mick Dryden 

After yesterday's warm day, back to the norm today with a westerly wind and mainly fair conditions.

A Cuckoo was calling at Greve de Lecq this morning, yet another in what has been a good Spring for them on the Island, but will any stay and breed?

In the Sandpits today were 4 Common Sandpipers, a pair of Gadwall, a Shelduck, a Little Grebe, an immature Black-headed Gull, with 2 Swifts passing overhead.. Another pair of Gadwall and a Wheatear were at the Scrape. At Kempt Tower were 4 Little Grebes, 5 Tufted Duck and 3 singing Reed Warblers.

Up at a surprisingly windy Plemont this morning were 20 Swifts, presumably our breeding birds, with a Yellow Wagtail, a Whitethroat, 30 Linnets, 18 Swallows, 8 House Martins, a Sand Martin, a Raven and 5 Jackdaws also seen. Little was moving offshore apart from Gannets and 8 Bottle-nosed Dolphins moved East close in, around 07:30.

6 Swifts were reported from both Elizabeth Castle and the Albert Pier, so more of our breeding birds back on site perhaps.

Picture: Thanks to Jo for her picture of a Greenshank at the Scrape yesterday.

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