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 28.06.2016   .Tony Paintin 

A fine start with increasing southerly winds and rain late afternoon.

Just a few few odds and ends today, 10 Black-headed Gulls flew past Noirmont early this morning but there was nothing else of note, a juvenile Marsh Harrier was flying at St Ouen's Pond and two Bearded Tits were near the Wetland Centre. Up at Les Landes, a male Stonechat, two singing Whitethroats and Linnets with young. At L'Etacq, a pair of Oystercatchers have two young.

At Le Hurel Slip in Grouville Bay, 82 Black-headed Gulls, five Curlews and 25 Oystercatchers.

Yesterday evening in Le Braye Sandpits, 18 Tufted Ducks, 10 Pochard, four Oystercatchers, 15 Lesser Black-backed Gulls, 50 Sand Martins including 25 young, 20 Linnets with young, one White Wagtail and a male Cetti's Warbler. Another Cetti's Warbler and three singing Reed Warblers were heard near Sunset Nurseries, in St Ouen's Bay.

Picture: Last weekend at Blancq Ille, Les Ecrehous.

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 27.06.2016   .Tony Paintin 

Another bright and breezy day, wind from the west north-west.

Two Razorbills and a Guillemot were in the sea just below the cliffs at Grosnez this morning, but nothing was moving offshore.

Further along the north coast, five Razorbills were at Grand Becquet plus another three at Creux Gabourel and a Puffin was seen at Plemont Point with another two at Grand Becquet.

Two returning Common Sandpipers and 10 Little Egrets were at Le Pulec and 30 Curlew were roosting at Petit Port.

Picture: breeding Swifts are still at Plemont Point and Creux Gabourel, which is where this one was photographed by Trevor Biddle a few days ago.

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 26.06.2016   .Tony Paintin 

A bright and breezy morning, clouding up this afternoon.

Good news today at St Ouen's Pond where a pair of Lapwings have two chicks, they are fairly large so hopefully they will survive. Also on the Pond today 141 Coot, three Pochards (one female), two Curlew and a Bearded Tit.

In the Sandpits 64 Coot, nine Tufted Ducks, two drake Pochards, 65 Lesser Black-backed Gulls, 10+ Swift and 50 Sand Martins.

Three juvenile Peregrines were causing trouble over Ronez quarry, Sorel and another juvenile was on the south-west coast.

Picture: juvenile Little Egrets taken by Alan Gicquel.

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 25.06.2016   .Tony Paintin 

Sunny with moderate westerly winds.

A morning ringing trip to Les Ecrehous found six more Shag pulli, bringing the total ringed there to 56 for the year. The breeding Common Terns at the southern end of Maitre Ille have failed with just a few nest remains and egg shells found, however they have moved to another part of the Island, so may try again. Also present were 30+ Oystercatchers, 40 Turnstones, seven Little Egrets and a Grey Seal. Of note was a dead adult Lesser Black-backed Gull, with a Brussels ring. The breeding Common Terns on the other Islands all appeared to be present.

At the Little Egret breeding colony in St Clement, 70 birds were found including at least 18 juveniles.

Up on the north coast, in Trinity a pair of Dartford Warblers have fledged two young.

Picture: taken yesterday by Trevor Biddle of Puffins near Grand Becquet.

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 24.06.2016   .Tony Paintin 

A sunny day with a light to moderate westerly and more news of some of our breeding birds.

Along the south-west coast, a pair of Peregrines have one fledged young, two pairs of Lesser Black-backed Gulls have young in the nest and also a Fulmar seen cruising along the cliffs.

At Les Landes three or possibly four pairs of Whitethroat and a White Wagtail at the farm by the stables. Up at Greve de Lecq juvenile Long-eared Owls are still calling at dusk.

At St Ouen's Pond a pair of Sedge Warblers are feeding young in the back fields and another of this years Marsh Harriers has fledged.

On the north coast west of Grend Becquet today a raft of six Razorbills and also noted five Puffins (pictures tomorrow).

The annual Skylark survey at Jersey Airport took place this afternoon, 23 Skylarks were found, including 9 singing males and 27 Meadow Pipits.

Picture: Glyn Young waiting for a gap in the traffic before resuming the Skylark count this afternoon.

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 23.06.2016   .Tony Paintin 

Fog this morning and heavy rain after lunch, finally clearing this afternoon.

In the murky south-east this morning, 10 Common Terns were at Le Hocq, two Curlews and a Redshank at La Rocque and 47 Black-headed Gulls in Grouville Bay.

A male Cirl Bunting was singing on Grouville Common and a roost of 50 Herring Gulls seen on Queen's Valley Reservoir.

In the west the pair of Shelduck were at Petit Port, along with 51 Oystercatchers and eight Curlew.

Just about visible at St Ouen's Pond, a pair of Shovelers and three Lapwings on the Scrape.

Yesterday a Green Sandpiper, one Water Rail and a Sedge Warbler were seen from Eddie's Hide at the Scrape.

A report from Nick Jouault on Les Ecrehous, that the Common Terns appear to be doing well, with at least 30 pairs on the northern part of the reef. The picture shows an adult on the nest in the usual fenced off section on Blanc Ille.

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 22.06.2016   .Tony Paintin 

After the fog cleared it was a sunny afternoon until the thunderstorms arrived.

There was no sign of the breeding Shelducks and their last remaining chick at L'Etacq this morning, but there was a pair back at Petit Port possibly the same pair. Also at Petit Port a roost of 300+ Herring Gulls, two Grey Herons, 21 Curlew and 58 Oystercatchers.

At St Ouen's Pond 130 Coot, a Grey Heron, one Water Rail, one recently fledged Marsh Harrier and a female Bearded Tit feeding young in the nest.

In Le Braye Sandpit, 11 Tufted Ducks, six Pochard, 45 Coot, 46 Lesser Black-backed Gulls, a male Marsh Harrier and 25+ Sand Martins.

A Mediterranean Gull was seen at Seymour Slip in Grouville Bay and a Great-crested Grebe at Pontac. One Little Egret and a pair of Bullfiinch were in Queen's Valley.

This afternoon 14 Swifts drifted south over Beauport.

This evening 50 Black-headed Gulls at Le Hurel Slip.

Yesterday two Peregrines at Les Landes.

Picture: a female Tufted Duck taken by Mick.

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 21.06.2016   .Tony Paintin 

Overcast this morning but clearing during afternoon.

In Grouville Bay a Great Northern Diver in spring plumage is still with us, also seen offshore a Great-crested Grebe, 20 Gannets, 20 Black-headed Gulls and the first returning Mediterranean Gull.

A pair of Peregrines were sitting on St Thomas's Church in St Helier this afternoon, but no indication that they have bred........keep a look out if you are in town.

Yesterday six Puffins were seen in the sea to the east of Grand Becquet, the highest number seen together so far this summer.

Picture: thanks to Susie Robins for sending in this picture of a Long-eared Owl, it was taken by a family member with a pocket Lumix camera. The bird spent the weekend in their garden in St Ouen's Village.

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 20.06.2016   .Tony Paintin 

Fog, rain and drizzle, clearing up after 1500.

At St Ouen's Pond one Little Grebe, one Green Sandpiper and three Lapwings.

60 Swifts were at La Pulente and a Great-spotted Woodpecker was feeding young at Sandy Brook.

Yesterday a paddle along the north coast by the Jersey Canoe Club found 13 Razorbills at Grand Becquet plus a further three Razorbills and a Guillemot south of Grosnez Point.

A Long-eared Owl was seen near St Ouen's Village over the weekend.

Picture: a rather overlooked but very attractive Stock Dove taken by Mick

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 19.06.2016   .Tony Paintin 

Up on the north coast today just east of Plemont Point at Greux Gabourel, were six Razorbills and a Puffin.

Yesterday Short-toed Treecreepers were feeding young in Vallee des Vaux, a White Wagtail was on Grainville Cricket Pitch and a pair were at RJ&HS at Trinity. Two Common Buzzards were over Trinity Manor.

On friday a female Shoveler with five young, a drake Pochard and a female Bearded Tit feeding young in the nest were seen in front of the Wetland Centre at St Ouen's Pond.

Picture: a Common Buzzard.

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