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 17.11.2017   .Tony Paintin 

Sunny with a light north-east wind.

Passing La Coupe this morning, two Black-throated Divers (the first this winter), seven Mediterranean Gulls, three Kittiwakes, three Common Gulls, 24 Razorbills, two Guillemots and two Ravens. 55 Redwings and 7 Fieldfares came out of the bushes and flew south.

At St Ouen's Pond, 49 Shovelers, seven Pochard, four Grey Herons, eight Little Egrets, a Little Grebe and 20 Cormorants.

A Kingfisher was at Queen's Valley, a Purple Sandpiper on the rocks at Grosnez and four Common Buzzards over Grouville Common. One Redpoll was seen at the West Hill Hotel.

At St Helier Marina late afternoon, 150 Pied Wagtails, one White Wagtail, two Grey Wagtails and a Lapwing.

Yesterday, three Kittiwakes at La Coupe and a Wheatear found in a poly tunnel, location unknown as yet!

Picture: another Brambling taken by Romano.

NB. Glyn will be updating the website until tuesday, so please include him on your address list

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 16.11.2017   .Tony Paintin 

Similar weather to yesterday mainly cloudy with light winds.

It was a thrush and finch morning at Victoria Tower. 1,582 Redwing, 345 Fieldfare, 49 Songthrush, 6 Blackbird, 1,287 Chaffinch, 124 Brambling, 5 Hawfinch, a Serin, 23 Siskin, 25 Goldfinch, 35 Greenfinch, 141 Starling, a Reed Bunting and a Lapwing.

In fields near Queen's Valley, 100 Redwing, 100 Chaffinch and 50 Brambling.

At La Rocque conservation fields, 50 Redwing, 200 Chaffinch, 100 Brambling, 60 Linnet, 50 Goldfinch and 10 Siskin.

At La Rocque Harbour, 19 Red-breasted Mergansers, a Slavonian Grebe, 38 Little Egret, 34 Redshank, 22 Grey Plover, 14 Turnstone and 18 Sanderling.

At West Hill Hotel a Hawfinch and 2 Firecrests.

Spring has arrived in Vallee des Vaux where a Songthrush has been singing for the last two days also 3 Woodcocks here.

At St Ouen's Pond the female Goosander was still present at lunchtime along with 43 Shoveler, 17 Teal, 16 Cormorants, 24 Lapwings, 2 Skylarks and 4 Stonechats.

3 Choughs were near the Cutty Sark.

Picture: this Common Sandpiper ringed at Le Pulec last January and present till mid-February has returned to its wintering area, it was seen at lunchtime today.

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 15.11.2017   .Tony Paintin 

Mainly cloudy with a light south-west wind.

There was no seabird movement at La Coupe this morning just 14 Razorbills in the water off shore, but a flock of 5 Red-throated Divers were seen yesterday.

In Grouville Bay 770 Brent Geese counted between Gorey and Seymour Slip. 6 Pied Wagtails and 6 Rock Pipits were behind the sea wall at Fauvic.

In the conservation fields at La Rocque were, 100 Redwings, 200+ Chaffinch, 50 Bramblings and 100 Linnets, plus a few Songthrush and Blackbirds. On the coast a female Black Redstart in Robin Bay.

Up at Crabbe 200 Chaffinch, 50 Bramblings, 20 Linnet, 30 Goldfinch, a Reed Bunting, 4 Stonechats, 40 Redwings, 5 Skylarks, 2 Marsh Harriers and a Sparrowhawk.

On St Ouen's Pond this afternoon a female Goosander was a nice surprise and a bit of a rarity, the last record was on January 10th 2015 at Dannemarche Reservoir. Also present were 2 Sparrowhawks, a Stonechat, 3 Skylarks, 4 Firecrest, 15 Chiffchaff, 2 Redpolls and 50 Reed Buntings.

Picture: lots of wintering Chaffinches in the Island now, this male was taken by Romano at Victoria Tower.

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 14.11.2017   .Tony Paintin 

A cloudy day with light westerly winds.

The conservation fields up at Sorel were fairly quiet this morning, just 50 Chaffinch, 10 Linnets, 20 Songthrush, 10 Blackbirds, 2 Dartford Warblers and a Stonechat. A Marsh Harrier and a Common Buzzard were also in the area.

The fields at Crabbe were more productive, C200 Chaffinch, 50 Brambling, 50 Goldfinch, 100 Linnet, a Skylark and a Reed Bunting.

The fields at Queen's Valley held a Mistle Thrush, 150 Redwing, 37 Fieldfare, 40 Songthrush, 200 Chaffinch and 200 Brambling. In adjacent stubble fields 300 Redwing, 50 Starling, 200 Chaffinch and 80 Brambling.

At St Ouen's Pond, 18 Cormorants, 41 Shoveler, 19 Teal, 4 Pochard, 24 Snipe, a Little Grebe and of note a Mistle Thrush in the back fields.

In Le Braye Sandpit, just 13 Tufted Ducks, 4 Little Grebes and 3Lesser Black-backed Gulls. 12 Fieldfare were at Les Landes and several hundreds of Redwing were in the northern parishes today.

Two nice records from La Rocque, a male Black Redstart in Robin Bay and a Swallow feeding for about 30 minutes in the harbour. At Grouville Marsh a drake Wigeon.

Those Cattle Egrets are still moving around, yesterday 2 at La Hougue Bie.

Picture: today's Black Redstart, note the ring on the right leg, probably the individual ringed there in 2015 and seen last winter as well. Thanks to Alan for the picture.

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 13.11.2017   .Tony Paintin 

Sunny with light to moderate northerlies.

Very quiet at La Coupe this morning, just 2 Mediterranean Gulls, a Common Gull and 35 Razorbills.

Roosting at Petit Port this afternoon on the high tide were 34 Curlew, 2 Redshanks, 18 Turnstone, 11 Ringed Plovers, 5 Sanderling, 6 Dunlin and 4 Grey Plovers.

In St Ouen's Bay near Big Vern's, 23 Ringed Plovers, 2 Dunlin and 2 Stonechats.

A walk along Le Perquage, near Beaumont Marsh found 2 Short-toed Treecreepers and 2 Firecrests.

Yesterday in Grouville Bay, a Great Northern Diver, 10 Great Crested Grebes, 2 Kittiwakes, 5 Common Gulls and 20 Razorbills. Among the waders seen were c100 Curlew, 500 Dunlin (numbers have increased), 80 Sanderling, 100 Turnstones, 100 Grey Plovers, 20 Redshanks and a Bar-tailed Godwit. Along the sea wall at Fauvic, 5 Rock PIpits, 6 Pied Wagtails and a male Black Redstart.

PIcture: a Songthrush taken recently at Victoria Tower by Romano.

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 12.11.2017   .Tony Paintin 

Mainly sunny but feeling cold in the strong north-westerlies.

Nothing was moving at Grosnez this morning just 15 Gannets, 2 Kittiwakes and a few distant auks.

At Queen's Valley, 31 Tufted Ducks, 2 Ravens, 20 Siskin and 2 Firecrest.

6 Fieldfares were seen at Five Oaks, a Woodcock and 2 Firecrests in Vallee des Vaux.

A walk down St Catherine's Breakwater found a Great-crested Grebe, strangely a Little Grebe and 2 Razorbills.

A Short-eared Owl was seen between Le Hocq and Le Bourg.

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 11.11.2017   .Tony Paintin 

Westerly force 6 to 7 with rain most of the day and hence very few reports in today.

The Cattle Egrets are still moving around the Island with 3 seen at Fauvic crossroads along with 20 Little Egrets and 150 Black-headed Gulls. Later, possibly the same three were at La Sente with 70 Little Egrets and 10 Grey Herons.

All the usual birds were at St Ouen's Pond, seen from the shelter of the Wetland Centre, 42 Shoveler, 24 Teal, 3 Pochard, a Little Grebe and 41 Snipe. 10 Marsh Harriers and 10 Reed Buntings came in to roost at dusk.

At Grands Vaux mud pond, 5 Firecrests, 5 Chiffchaffs, 80 Siskins, 4 Bramblings and a Woodcock.

Other birds seen today, a single Fieldfare near Trinty School and a Black-headed Gull unusually in full summer plumage at La Mare Slip, St Clement.

Picture: a very arty shot from Romano of a male Brambling taken at La Rocque.

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 10.11.2017   .Tony Paintin 

A fair day with fresh north-westerlies.

Little movement at Grosnez this morning, just 26 Gannets, 3 Razorbills and 9 Razorbills.

35 Redshank and 13 Turnstones were roosting near St Aubin's Harbour on the high tide.

400 Bramblings were in the flailed conservation fields near Queen's Valley and 14 Skylarks at Le Roncier.

Cattle Egrets are very mobile, with 7 seen near St Paul's football pitch in St Saviour today.

16 Brent Geese, 23 Lapwings and 3 Grey Heron were on the Scrape, but no sign of the Black-tailed Godwit today.

At La Rocque, 12 Red-breasted Mergansers and a Short-eared Owl in off the Sea.

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 09.11.2017   .Tony Paintin 

Cloudy with outbreaks of rain, drizzle and fog, but clearing up this afternoon.

A good selection of birds passing Victoria Tower this morning, 4 Skylarks, 799 Redwing, 52 Songthrush, 6 Fieldfare, 625 Woodpigeon, 174 Starlings, a late Swallow, 1 Hawfinch, 806 Chaffinch, 37 Brambling, 6 Bullfinch, 26 Greenfinch, 16 Goldfinch, 14 Siskin, 11 Linnet and a Great Northern Diver, unusual overland.

In the conservation fields at La Rocque, 200 Chaffinch, 100 Bramblings 100 Linnet, 150 Goldfinch, 80 Greenfinch and 21 Siskin.

In the conservation fields near Queen's Valley, 200 Stock Doves, 400 Bramblings, 300 Chaffinch, a Woodcock and a Sparrowhawk.

500 Starlings and 500 Woodpigeon were flying west over St Helier Waterfront this morning.

33 Curlew were roosting at Petit Port and on the beach 22 Turnstone and 20 Rock Pipit.

At St Ouen's Pond in the rain, 39 Shovelers, 21 Teal, 3 Wigeon and 36 Snipe. The Black-tailed Godwit and 3 Skylarks were at the Scrape.

Late afternoon at Fountain Lane a possible Penduline Tit, 3 Cetti's Warblers, 1 Stonechat, 10 Redwings, 5 Water Rails, 11 Snipe and a Jack Snipe.

Yesterday 9 Cattle Egrets were with the cows at Fauvic.

Picture: Snipe at the Wetland Centre taken by Mick.

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 08.11.2017   .Tony Paintin 

Sunny but feeling cold in the fresh to strong northerly wind, decreasing this afternoon.

As expected there nothing moving off shore at La Coupe, just one Kittiwake and four Razorbills, but you have to try don't you!

At La Rocque an adult Mediterranean Gull, 14 Sandwich Terns, 34 Little Egrets, 25 Grey Plovers and 40 Sanderling.

At St Ouen's Pond, 5 Grey Herons, 3 Wigeon, 4 Pochard, 31 Teal, 43 Shoveler and 34 Snipe. 26 Lapwings and the Black-tailed Godwit were on the Scrape. 20 Redwings were in the back fields.

Late afternoon at Grouville Marsh, 27 Little Egrets, 4 Marsh Harriers, 10 Water Rails, 3 Woodcock, 10 Snipe, 300 Carrion Crows, 12 Jackdaws, 10 Firecrests, 4 Cetti's Warblers, 10 Chiffchaffs and 8 Reed Buntings. Two Greenshanks flew over.

Picture: lots of Bramblings in the Island at the moment, this one was taken by Alan Gicquel at La Rocque.

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